Text 12 Mar 2 notes

Hears the truth… I don’t want to go to bed because I know want awaits me loneliness and no one there to hold me I hate my bed for I have no one to share the simple rest that waits there I feel nothing when I’m alone….

Quote 10 Feb

She said “quite listening to depressing music”

He said ” no that what’s keeping me alive… yet that’s what’s slowly killing me…”

Text 9 Feb

its funny how one picture can bring a memory back and the tears just flow…

Video 5 Feb 150,851 notes



Text 5 Feb Poem

I forgot how cold I was till I saw you were not by my side…


Text 4 Feb Beer

There is nothing like sitting in a dark room only lit up by the dim street lights across the way with the light flicking giving you a sad feeling and holding a beer in hand to start your thoughts on how fucked up your life has gotten after this beer I’ll need some gin and maybe rum… feeling the need to talk to some one but… I’m alone.why does every thing I do come to a bitter end?

Text 3 Feb Friends?

Hi I have been looking for a friend, I have been kinda lonely lately and would like to talk to a fellow photographer or or some one that love s mountains, or even just some one to talk to about any thing even if your just alone, If you would be interested let me know. Id to like to text or email.

Text 3 Feb Cold

I’m cold inside. Some one Come warm me please.


Text 2 Feb

Trying to recapture every amazing tinge in the mountains again in my head wish I could go back in time.. save me for I die soon..

Text 1 Feb Alone

To die alone in the wilderness…it’s going to be beautiful..

Text 1 Feb 4 notes Snow

I want want to be as free as the falling snow to go only where the wind takes me buy if give it all up if you’d be my wind.. let’s fall free together

Text 31 Jan Wish

If I were to die at night wishing for you would you cone in my dreams?

Text 31 Jan 1 note In her eyes

In her eyes I can see we are already over… why is that? I don’t want it to be.. please say it isn’t so

Text 30 Jan 1 note

I like the snow because no one can hear me scream

Text 30 Jan

I want to die where no one will find my body…

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